Spiritual Growth Team

2nd and 4th Tuesday's

"What is spiritual growth?" Spiritual growth is the process of becoming more and more like Jesus Christ.

What is a Spiritual Growth Team? The Spiritual Growth Team is a group has discovered their passion to actively serve their church and beyond. And are fully devoted, on fire for God, and followers of Jesus Christ. The Team is a group of people that are actively serving with the gifts God has given us. We are to facilitate and nurture the development of relationships with God, such as: creating a comfortable environment, serving in ministries, helping to tear down barriers that prevent us from truly emerging ourselves in a relationship with God. We are a group that relates to people through serving! We find a life filled with real joy, purpose, and meaning by helping others find their way on their journey as well.

Meet our Spiritual Growth Team:
Pastor Dawn Cheney, Joel Strub, Jennifer Frary, Mark Zagata, Terry Gilbert, Carol Strub, Jane Zagata, Val DeLeo, Linda Zukauskas.